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Passion for photography for more than 20 years.

While I was doing my degree in Advertising at the Fundacion de Altos Estudios Comerciales in the City of Buenos Aires, I was always interested in photography and parallel to my studies I began to take a course in Black and White photography and a laboratory at the University of Buenos Aires on which hooked me forever in this art. Later I took Fashion Photography courses with Barravino Devoto, also at the Fotoclub Buenos Aires and Advertising Photography with Carlos Fadigati.

After finishing my studies at the University I dedicated myself 100% to photography, I opened my studio in Palermo Viejo and I began to photograph fashion shows with Roberto Giordano who at that time was doing mega-parades in Punta del Este (Uruguay) Pinamar, Mendoza, Cordoba etc. And I also already had many clients to whom I took photos of their products and clothes.

Graphic campaigns to politicians such as Ricardo Alfonsin.

Photographer for the Latin Spot Advertising magazine.

Graphic campaign for Ceramica Alberdi.

Graphic campaign for Golfus 76 (children's clothing)

And many many more clients who hired me to carry out graphic campaigns for their products.

In 2002 we decided to move to Miami and here I began another stage of my professional career.

I started working for Photos by Carlos who only did Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and there I learned a lot for more than 15 years this part of photography, meanwhile I always continued with my passion for portraits and advertising photography.

I made calendars with many celebrities from the United States and worked on several occasions for the Governor of California Arnold Zchwarzenegger as well as for his brother-in-law at that time Anthony Kennedy Shriver for whom I photographed several campaigns for his Best Buddies Foundation.

In 2016 I returned to Argentina to accompany my son to play soccer in a club there and meanwhile I worked for the Ministry of Transport of the Nation photographing all the public works that they carried out at that time, it was a fantastic experience of which I had more than 12,000 stock photos left.

Currently I have my own clients and I also do work for advertising agencies and I am developing a vintage clothing store called where I do fashion campaigns for my own business.

Thank God I never had to do anything other than what I like most in life: family, photography and soccer.

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